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Over the years we have found that partnering with companies helps bring you excellence. We believe video should deliver results. Our approach combines expertise and passion with a deep understanding of you and your audience to make videos that engage, inspire and compel people to act.
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Rolling Shutter Productions

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Rolling Shutter Productions is a New England based company managed by Jonathan Olson, who specializes in video, photography and editing work for promotional purposes. He offers a wide range of work from Highlights, Testimonials, Commercials, Event Coverage, Real Estate, Weddings and Photoshoots.

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Olson Entertainment Studios LLC

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Olson entertainment is a New England based video production company managed by Brenda and Ron Olson. They specialize in Producing, Script Writing and offer Catering. In addition they rent out their studio space to other entrepreneur for, Photoshoots and Promotional work. 


Manguetown Pictures

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Manguetown Pictures is a New Hampshire based video production company managed by Pedro Pimentel. Pedro is known for his directorial work on The Priest (2015) and most recently The Second Life (2015). Manguetown Pictures is also looking for new and talented crew members to jump on his amazingly unique band wagon. 

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